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    What is your username? (Please provide your link as well)

    How old are you?
    I Am 14

    How long have you been playing on the server? (Estimation)
    I Think Its Almost 1 Month

    Tell us about yourself:
    My Timezone Is EU *Greece* And It Seems Like I Got Some Friends,Or At Least Thats What They Show Me.

    Do you have any other staff experience? (Provide proof if possible)
    This Is Gonna Be My First Time Being A Staff Member In A Big Server But I Know What To Do In Most Scenarios

    Why are you applying for Trial-Helper and why should we choose you over other applicants?
    I Am Applying Because Ive Seen It's Community And Ive Been Loving It So Far As Much As Ive Been Loving The Staff Members.The Reason U Should Prefer Me Is Because I Got Much Game Knowledge (8 Years Of Playing MC) And Im Sure I Know Almost Everything About 1.8 MC.

    What are at least two Changes you would make if you were asked by a member of administration? (Be specific)
    I Would Maybe Change Something Only If I See That It Has A Problem...So If I Dont Know Anything I Cant Tell You.

    How much time would you be able to spend on the server each week and are there any upcoming schedule changes for you in the near future?
    I Will Be Able To Play Every Day At Least 1 Hour But If I Find Any Other Free Time I'll Spend It On Finding Bugs Or Anything That Would Help The Server Become Better

    Is there any other information we should know?
    You Should Know That Im Not Good At Programming But Im Fairly Decent At Redstone

    Section (2/2)
    In this section we will test your knowledge and staff experience by asking you to tell us what you would do in these scenarios.
    You are a Trial-Helper, and therefore do not have permission to ban, but see someone Kill Aura but do not have the option of recording at that moment, what would you do? (There are multiple correct answers)
    I Would Tell Him That If He Doesnt Stop I Will Call Someone To Ban Him And Then If He Doesnt Stop I Will Call Someone Higher To Ban Him :D

    You have just been promoted to Moderator, and see another Moderator cheating, what would you do?
    I Would Tell Him That I Will Tell The Higher Class To See What Should Happen With Him But If He Convinces Me That He Will Never Ever Cheat Again I'll Take Anything That He Spawned Or Whatever And Let Him Alone.

    A user has threatened to perform a Distrubuted Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on the server and the server is beginning to feel laggy, what would you do?
    I Would Try To Call An Admin To Punish Him And Reboot The Server

    You're feeling extremely overwhelemed as you were just promoted to Head-Moderator and find it difficult to adjust to the new work requirements, what would you do? (Two correct answers)
    I Would Talk To An Admin Or The Owner And Tell Him That My IRL Schedule Is Getting Harder And Harder And That I Cant Handle The New And More Work Ive Been Assigned And Then He/She Will See What He/She Should Do.

    Another staff member is distracting you from doing your job and has been doing so for a few days, what would you do?
    I Would Communicate With Him And Try To Solve That Problem And If It Doesnt Get Solved I Will Have To Contact Someone Higher
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